The real estate broker is a licensed individual acting as an intermediary between the parties: seller, buyer, tenant, landlord and real estate investor. Its purpose is to provide the mediation service for a real estate transaction between the buyer and the seller or the lessee and the lessor. For this service provided, the mediator benefits a commission.

Property Valuation

Land and buildings represent more and more the truth of a place. The liberalization of the Albanian economy has had an effect of products in the real estate market. All types of assets have a market value and asset outcome is the primary task of Licensed Real Estate Appraisers. Real estate appraisal is quite important for the realization of an account. In not a few cases, the property owner needs a property appraisal in order to be able to determine the market value of a concrete property and make a bid in relation to the sale price.


Real Estate “JONInvest”, based on experience and in collaboration with several architectural studios, helps clients to improve the functional side of their properties, to design the most pleasant interiors and to implement their works with quality and materials high standards.

Legal Consulting

Real Estate “JONInvest” offers Legal Consultancy and Notary Assistance for clients by following the transaction at every step. Our associates are qualified in legal consulting in the field of property transactions, in the types of contracts used for each case such as contracts for the sale of apartments, contracts for the sale of land, in knowing in detail the condition of the property, in following the procedures on gaining ownership, in the registration of real estate in ACA, following every detail until the end of the final process.

Financial Consulting

We assist with financial consulting for investments in the Albanian real estate market for our clients, to make their transaction easier. We cooperate with various banks that assist the client in obtaining loans with the easiest possible conditions. We also assist the client in calculating investment costs, return on investment, financial costs of the transaction, forecasting the increase or decrease in the value of the property, etc.

Real Estate Investments

Investing in Real Estate consists of buying, selling and managing property. Real Estate “JONInvest” invests real estate (apartments, shops, land, villas, etc.) that are attractive in the market and that have market value.

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